· Melody ·
Zhuhai Chime Long Theme Park

Float size: 18m×4.3m×5.5m, Battery operated.
Whale, dolphins, fishes and waves are movable part.

· The Whale ·
Zhuhai Chime Long Theme Park

Float size: 17.8m×4.5m×9m. Battery operated.
Mouth, eyes and wings of the whale are movable.

· Lion Fish ·
Zhuhai Chime Long Theme Park

Float size: 7m×6.8m×3.2m. Battery operated.
Fin and sea anemones are swing-able.

· Octopus ·
Zhuhai Chime Long Theme Park

Float size: 8m×3m×6.5m. Battery operated.
Octopus tentacles are rotatable.

· Fantasy Candy ·
Zhuhai Chime Long Theme Park

Float size:14m×8m×4.5m, Battery operated.
pointer, cylinder, arm hand, disk are movable.

· Tiki Active Volcano ·
Zhuhai Chime Long Theme Park

Float size:7m×4.8m×5m, Battery operated.
submarines, fish, and shrimps are movable.

· Circus Light ·
Zhuhai Chime Long Theme Park

Float size:10.5m×8m×6m, Battery operated.

WenXing Industrial Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Wenxing Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994. It offers high quality customized design, production and installation services. The company owns a headqua-rters and a 35000-square meter production base which are located in Guangzhou Zengcheng Hengchuang Industrial Park. Guangzhou Wenxing Industrial Ltd. is one of
the earliest developed and largest companiesin China engaged in large-scale indoor and outdoor environmental art projects. It has a Guangzhou Wenxing Art Engineering Co., Ltd., Wenxing Art Engineering and an in house independent design team. The philosophy of the company is to build a world-class brand, maintain top notch product quality, and provide indoo decoration, public space sculpture, high-end sculpture customization, product R&D and installation services for various cultural and creative

With the unremitting efforts of the whole team over the years to pursue the pursuit of art and the 'artisan spirit' of detail.
The company has accumulated many experiences of working with international project teams. It follows the international engineering production code strictly and keeps
improving the overall strength of the team to provide better services for high quality engineering range from hand-drawn expression to the application of BIM in the
whole project and the management of the project, etc.

Major projects that have been involved in recent years as follows: Over 100,000 square meters of GRP, GRC and GRG projects for indoor and outdoor buildings of Phase I, II and III of Macao galaxy entertainment resort hotel. Hong Kong Disneyland, Hong Kong Ocean Park, Hongkong Noah Ark theme park, Shanghai Disneyland Park, Zhuhai
Chime Long ocean Kingdom park and other many project in Guangzhou Chime Long. In addition, there are a number of domestic and foreign projects in Singapore,
Kazakhstan and Russia.

The company has undertaken hundreds of various types of art projects, which are recognized and highly evaluated by all the partners. Also it won trust and praise from the community.


WenXing Art Engineering Co., LTD.

Wen Xing Art Engineering Company building is located in Guangzhou Yingbin Avenue. A striking landmark with classic and elegant decoration.

Wen Xing Art Engineering Company reintroduces the cultural connotation of architectural decoration, emphasizing the appearance of the building and the expression of
visual space.